"Christmas In My Head"
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"I'll tell you right now, my name is Wes.
Mom and Dad say, I'ma real mess!
I'm eight years old and I'm o the go!
My brains runnin' faster than my..big toe!

It's a wonderful time! It's Christmas Eve. Yippee!
Santa's comin'. YEP! He's copmin' to see me!
I gotta get home to call Cale and Alroy.
I'm sure an excited little boy!

I run through the playground as fast as I can
trip on my shoelace and fall in the sand
and that's when I remember; Oh man that hurt!
what the preacher said last Sunday in church.

He told us Santa would bring us some toys
and that Jesus can bring us all joy.
Cales dog, Dog, runs up and licks my feet.
What's he doin' here, crossin' the street?

I push him away, tryin' to pay him no mind
when a car WHOOOOS'S by; don;'t know what kind.
The preacher said to love,; no place for hate'n
and that Jesus is here beside us and wait'n.

I like this time of year. I'm sure I'd like snow!
I like Santa and Rudolphs big ole nose!
Sure wish we had snow dwon here in the south.
PeWEEE! Gott'a ole' gnat in my mouth!

WooHOO! Moms callin'. I'm al tingly inside
know'n what'll happen while I'm sleep'n tonight!
I'm runnin' through the house. Ha! I can see my tracks.
Ahhh, I'll clean it up later. Gotta get my bath.

At supper Dad gives thanks for waht we have.
I make sure to give thank..that Dad's just glad
and for me havin' a good head and good mind
though it wanders here and there from time to time!

Now it's dark thirty and I'm laying in my bed
with all kinds of things runnin' through my head!
Santa's coming! I hope he's not late!
Jesus was born! I'm confused! But I'm only eight!"

Authors note: I wrote this years back when I was fortunate enough to have with me a lil fella named Wes for a couple
of years.


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gawalkman commented on Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012 at 17:04 PM

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I enjoyed reading it...as usual. It was something good to read, FOR A CHANGE!

Have you ever had your writings published?

Teapotter commented on Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012 at 17:52 PM

TY Walkie. Seems I can always count on you for a comment WooHOO! I've only had a few published and it was in the "This and That" local mag that was around for a short time a few years back. No money involved unfortunately. Hahaha!

gawalkman commented on Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012 at 18:41 PM


Published is published, no matter where it is or the prize money paid.

A few years ago, I had a horrific story published in the Statesboro magazine. It was horrific due to my terrible writing skills, but it was published. I go mad like Dr. Frankenstein every time I re-read it.

Nearly two years ago, I took a "Writing for Publication" class online through the Georgia Southern writing program. It was a great class with a wonderful instructor.

I just thought I would ask to see about your publication history since you do have a knack for words.

Keep posting your words and phrases, as they might inspire good material from other bloggers.

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