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Now’s the time for leadership

Congressman Barrow’s article in Friday’s paper made him sound like a true Ronald Reagan , Jim DeMint Conservative. So, why if he believes this, does he not change to the Conservative Republican Party? The Democrat Party is against everything he says he stands for. I would welcome a new disciple to the cause for American Capitalism, Prosperity and Freedom. We need everyone willing to fight to preserve our founding principles of limited small government. We need to get people jobs and working again.

If Congressman Barrow is truly a Conservative that wants to overhaul the tax code, step one would be to lower the rates to the lowest they have been in history and eliminate all deductions. The question is, will he introduce such a bill in the House of Representatives?

Step two would be to eliminate the 16th Amendment to the Constitution which gives the Federal Government the power to tax an individual’s income and replace it with a simple and fair tax system based on a sales tax. I recommend Congressman Barrow become familiar with the “Fair Tax” and introduce a bill in House to change the 16th Amendment and replace the Income Tax with the Fair Tax. It is the Income Tax and all the changes that Congress makes each year on what can be deducted and what can not be deducted, what level the tax rates will be each year, that creates the unfairness and class warfare waged by our politicians. It also adds a huge cost to doing business trying to keep up with all the changes made each year by Congress. The Fair Tax would eliminate all of this and replace it with a simple to understand system, that is as fair a system as humanly possible for all Americans. The Business of America is “Business” not government. Conservatives understand this and Liberals do not.

You have an opportunity to make history and show the people of the 12th Congressional District that you are a true Conservative concerned about the future of our country. I am with you and will help you fight for America as a Conservative!

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theflyonthewall commented on Sunday, Dec 09, 2012 at 15:46 PM

Ironside, The "Fair Tax" is a regressive tax which falls most heavily upon the poor and the middle class.Do the math.

I also hope that you do not view Calvin Coolidge, a miserable human being and a political cipher, as an icon of conservative thought.When you suggest that business is the ultimate purpose of this grand republic you are cribbing from him.

By the way, Demint will not be missed even among Republicans.Democrats would hope that an easy target like Demint would soldier on.

Ironside commented on Sunday, Dec 09, 2012 at 17:13 PM

So fly, who is the author of the Federal government's graduated, progressive Income Tax?

theflyonthewall commented on Sunday, Dec 09, 2012 at 20:24 PM

Ironside, Coolidge contributed mightily to the Great Depression by his blind faith in laissez faire capitalism. Among other things, he looked the other way when it became apparent that margin trading was risky and could lead to economic catastrophe. Economic inequality also in increased under his leadership.

If you believe that we should "starve the beast," then he's your man.If you believe in a healthy, functioning government then he is not nearly as attractive. In complicated, chaotic times I prefer a government that works. It is a matter of perspective I suppose.

Passinthru commented on Monday, Dec 10, 2012 at 22:14 PM

“In complicated, chaotic times I prefer a government that works”

Me too, any idea where we could find one?

Ironside commented on Monday, Dec 10, 2012 at 22:14 PM

Fly, focus on what Congressman Barrow said. Like to know what you think about it.

Coolidge did not contribute to the Stock Market Crash in 1929. The greedy people who invested in that days' "Get Rich Scheme; buying on margan" caused it, just as the Fanny Mea and Freddy Mac government "Get Rich Scheme", and the greedy politicians that cooked it up, caused the current economic collapse. Capitalism had nothing to do with it, greedy people did. There will always be greedy people trying to get rich fast and if they get burned they should suffer the financial loss.

The problem is that both times the Democrats blamed Capitalism instead of the people who caused it, because they are Socialists , and used the financial crisis as an excuse to expand the size of government, increase government spending, to buy the people‘s vote through government welfare programs, thus expanding a Socialist Government. All of which, prolonged the Great Depression and now Obama’s Great Recession.

Nothing created by man is perfect. Capitalism has provided the greatest good for more people than any other economic system in history. The government must hold accountable those who scam, deceived, and defraud others and get the money back. With very few exceptions, the bad guys get away with it, because the politicians use these crisis for political gain. That is why they keep doing it. This is a failure of our government, not Capitalism. The first responsibility of government and why we spend almost three Trillion Dollars a year on government, is to protect us from these type people. We hear every day the stories of internet identity theft. What is our government doing to protect us from this?

P.S. The answer to my question about Who is the author of our Federal Progressive Income Tax System is found in the “Communist Manifesto” published in 1848 by Karl Marks. Do you support this tax system? I want it repealed and replaced with the "Fair Tax System".

SusanS commented on Thursday, Dec 13, 2012 at 11:19 AM

Jake.... as much as I like you... sometimes you absolutely make me nuts! Ironside couldn't have spelled this out more clearly, and he is absolutely right on target. And you misread most of it.

I wonder if you understand English sometimes, because what you replied doesn't even remotely line up with what Ironside said. You totally twisted it into something he never said.

I, too, thought almost the same thing after reading Barrow's column in the paper. I liked what I read, but my struggle is that I have doubts about trusting what Barrow says. He has a habit of saying one thing and then doing another, which is not the kind of leadership we (or anyone else) needs in Washington.

We need unselfish leadership. We need people who's word will BE their bond; whom we can trust. We need people who understand the role of government (and what is shouldn't be) and who value a strong economy. And the fair tax does have some credibility, and it does not unfairly tax anyone.

If you make $1,000.00, then you pay $100.
If you make $500,000.00, then you pay $50,000.
This would actually produce more revenue.

The person making more money pays more money! If you live and work in this country, and you benefit from all the freedoms, etc, then you can pay your share of tax. If the government wants to exempt the lowest income bracket, that is up to them.
And by the way.. when I was 20 years old and making very little money, I STILL paid my share of taxes. I've never not.

But here's another wrench.... let's demand that our government follow the same rules they put in place for all of us. Now THAT would be interesting!

Great blog and comments Ironside.

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