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You want to know who might have beaten the pants of Obama? Mitt the Moderate. You know, the guy who governed Massachusetts. The guy who blueprinted ObamaCare. The guy who appeared briefly in the first debate and at the butt-end of this campaign. THAT GUY would have probably toppled a vulnerable incumbent.

Instead, a flawed primary process opened up the GOP nuthatch like a Pandora's Box (only with white guys, because the Greeks know nothing about fiscal responsibility and some of them are almost brown) and forced Mitt the Moderate to don the armor of Mitt the Conservative so he might fend off challengers like Rick "look me up in the Urban Dictionary" Santorum, Michelle Bachman and Newt Gingrich. All the Republican candidates with sense ran from the primaries like their heads were on fire and their asses were catching, to borrow from Charlie Daniels. Aside from Mitt, the rest of the GOP field couldn't have blown their noses if their brains were gunpowder.

In 2000, John McCain suffered a similar fate. He told some GOP stalwarts, particularly hardline religious types with Conway Twitty hair and ten thousand dollar suits, to get bent. The response was to harangue McCain out of the 2000 primary with some dirty pool. Considering McCain's later status as the candidate of choice to succeed Bush 2, this was a, ah, tactical error.

Mitt the Moderate, unencumbered by culture war rhetoric, immigration xenophobia and a sort of general obstinance against compromise and pragmatism, would have carried quite a few more votes. Those Midwestern states where he got drilled? His "home" states of Mass and Michigan where he was persona non grata? Florida? All in play for Mitt the Moderate. Not so much for Romney the Republican.

And guess what? If the Republican Party doesn't start playing well with others and discarding its inadequately-named "brain trust" in favor of something more palatable to an ever-diverse electorate, it's going to be awfully hard for them to ever put red drapes in the Oval Office.

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theflyonthewall commented on Thursday, Nov 08, 2012 at 07:42 AM

Scott,I agree. The fact that the election was as close as it was was largely because of Romney's eleventh hour return to a moderate philosophy. If Republicans are interested in assessing blame for the defeat, they should blame the Tea Party.

Bryant commented on Thursday, Nov 08, 2012 at 11:06 AM

Fly, I don't believe you can blame the Tea Party - you must blame the candidate for pandering to those within the party holding extreme fiscal and social policy positions. Supported Oabama in 2008 but would have switched my support to Mitt the Moderate. But when he began to abandon his past moderate positions (which were still conservative)in favor of his "severe conservative" persona, he lost me.

gawalkman commented on Thursday, Nov 08, 2012 at 13:08 PM

Did General Patton or MacArthur lead by listening to special interest groups under his command? No. Yet, they are two of the best leaders in the 20th century.

I agree with Bryant on this - blame the candidate for listening and pandering his campaign to a certain group of individuals. One must march to the beat of their own drum. If anyone follows the parade, it's just icing on the cake. That is leadership.

Even though I am libertarian, I would love to see President-Elect Herman Cain today. It's unfortunate some people saw him as a major threat and used dirty politics to remove him. In my opinion many conservatives would have supported him and the election results would look different today.

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