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According to the latest Gallup poll, everyone will be voting for Mitt Romney. Other polls are less sanguine,indicating that the race is hotly contested and very close.In any event, it is quite possible that Romney could win. If he does win, what would his cabinet be like? Based on Romney's past associations, I offer the following predictions:

1. The Department of Defense and the State Department would be merged and headed by John Bolton.The merger would offer a number of benefits. Number one would be cost savings. Who needs diplomats when we have an army? Embassies would be closed and replaced by regional service centers, making use of the district office model found in so many American businesses. Each district office would be charged with servicing an entire region. For example, the district office for the Arab world would be located in Tel Aviv. The district office for Europe could be located in Albania in order to take advantage of low labor costs.The district office for Asia could be located in Bangladesh, again taking advantage of the low labor costs to be found there. Number two--An additional cost savings could be found in cutting waste:translators, cultural experts, analysts of all types. Number three--- Defense and State would ,of course, be privatized in order to gain the efficiencies of the free market. Contractors could earn enough through plunder alone to underwrite the entire operation.

2. The Department of Education and the Commerce Department could also be merged-- again with significant cost savings. Since Sheldon Adelson has been wildly successful in the gaming industry, what better man to understand the needs of the casino economy? Merging Education and Commerce would finally insure that the needs of business are being met. We need to provide the croupiers, the cocktail waitresses, the pole dancers, the bartenders, and the bouncers that the new economy will demand.

3. Scott Walker--- Department of Labor

4. Department of Transportation-- eliminated ( Everyone has a car.)

5.HEW ---Ted Akin

6.Attorney General ---Joe Arpaio

7. Secretary of Agriculture and Department of the Interior--- Sonny Purdue --- If you want to experience nature , take up golf.

8. Homeland Security---possible merger with Defense/State?

9. Housing and Urban Development --- eliminated---Live in the suburbs. Gated communities keep out the riffraff.

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gawalkman commented on Friday, Oct 26, 2012 at 18:48 PM


Thanks for the laugh on a Friday afternoon. It's good to see some political humor from time to time.

I agree with your choice of Bolton and "Sheriff Joe"

For postmaster, we could name the CEO of Facebook since he is able to move messages around the world for free!

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