Caring for a Spouse With Alzheimer's Disease

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Caring for a spouse with Alzheimer's Disease raises difficult issues involving privacy, dignity, knowing when the person is able and when he isn't, learning to tackle new roles in the family and when to involve the children in decisions. As the population ages with more and more families live in separate households, ways of dealing with the infirmities of age, both mental and physical, are not directly observed.
Add to that situation, the number of grandparents who are trying to balance the care of grandchildren and the care of their own spouse. The older caregiver often does not share the extent of the spouse's memory loss and emotional changes due to a sense of preserving the patient's dignity. Then a crisis occurs and the next generation isn't prepared to step in and assist the caregiver. "No one knew how bad it was until....." "We didn't know anything about Alzheimer's disease until....."
If you are providing care for a person with progressive memory loss due to a neurological condition like Alzheimer's disease, you are encouraged to attend an Alzheimer's Association sponsored support group.
A group meets the second Monday of each month at Statesboro First United Methodist Church in the church library from 1:30-3:00 each month.Call 764-7589 if you need directions. No reservations are needed for this group facilitated by a former caregiver.
Each month a different subject is highlighted by the facilitator then the discussion is open to any topic of concern. Materials from the Alzheimer's Assocation will be available as well as books to check out.
Remember the Walk to Remember held Saturday, October 6, 2012 at Bulloch Academy to raise awareness of this disease and funds to support research and care for patients and caregivers.

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