What is it with Doctors?
Last comment by Pat_Homer 10 years, 7 months ago.

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I admire Doctors for the dedication and hard work it takes to get through school. I work in healthcare, so I choose to remain anonymous while I vent. Doctors do work hard for their degree, no doubt, but why would a person go to school for all of those years to help people if they do not like people? I work around many doctors and I would say at least half of them are some of the unfriendliest people I have ever met. I'm not asking them to sit down and chat awhile and be my best bud, but how about some acknowledgement when you say good morning or good afternoon. I think the majority of doctors get into medicine for the money and prestige, which I guess is OK, but it's a shame that profit and the love of wealth has overtaken compassion for other humans in this country. I got a bill from my doctor the other day for my deductible, and the only statement on the bill was "Remit Payment Immediately". There was nothing about Thanks for using my service, hope you are doing better, please come again, just threats about collections if I did not pay on time. Medical Bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy in he U.S. today. It is a true shame that in a land of plenty we still have people with no insurance because it's so expensive or no access to healthcare due to inability to pay. Even folks with insurance find themselves fighting the companies to get them to pay. Red tape is abundant in the insurance industry, yet they expect their payment on time or you will be dropped. Univeral Healthcare, like Canada's system, is looking better and better. I never thought I would say that.

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Darryl_Smith commented on Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007 at 10:32 AM

I won't remain anonymous. I had shoulder surgery in Feb and all I got was the stinkin t-shirt, oh and a bill.
The insurance company is refusing to pay the bill,so I'm stuck with it although I pay an enornmous premium to have coverage,I think our medical system needs an overhaul starting in congress

Holli Deal Bragg commented on Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007 at 13:23 PM

I've always hated going to the doctor. I had to discontinue seeing the last one I had (whom I really liked) because I was a witness testifying FOR the doctor's group in a lawsuit. That was pretty crappy, but in the long run it was a blessing because the doctor I see now is absolutely fantastic. He doesn't rush you out of his office, he explains things and answers questions, he is knowledgeable and willing to try new things and has really made a difference in my health care.
But I've had experiences with docs who rushed me out of the examination room, didn't care to explain things, grew impatient with my questions, and had deplorable "bedside" manners. One doctor awoke me in the hospital by slamming the door open and switching the light on while yelling GOOD MORNING! Of course my blood pressure and pulse were sky-high.
You can always tell the ones who are in it for the money instead of for the people. The Hippocratic oath doesn't seem to matter to some, but to those like my new doctor, it's the patients who matter.
If you don't like the one you're with - switch to one you do!

Dixie Girl commented on Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007 at 21:18 PM

The views that so many people hold about Physicians is interesting to the degree that the people holding them are so misinformed. Most Doctors work 12 to 18 hour days at least five out of seven days a week. Add to that,poor insurance reimbursement, uninsured patients, people that are generally unhappy to see you because they are sick anyway, getting called at all hours of the night and day, chewed out regularly because they are late - because of the emergency call that was ahead of you - does not leave a lot of time or inclination to smile and say hello. Bet you didn't know that most reimbursement from insurance and Medicare is 31 cents on the dollar (would you accept a paycheck like that?) and good luck if Medicaid pays at all. Not to mention the people who think it is just OK not to pay. And did I forget the school loans that have to be paid back - oh and I guess all that equipment that runs the office is free. If people were informed they would realize there is a severe shortage of Doctors in America. My question is why would anyone be a Physician today when for the same amount of schooling you could make more money with less headache and not nearly the liability? I would just ask that next time you want to complain about your Doctor think about what it would be like if he or she were not there! And if socialized Medicine is so great why are people coming here in droves to use our Medical system?

commonsense commented on Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007 at 21:56 PM

I think in many ways doctors are suffering from disillusionment. They went to school with lofty ideals (though there are money hounds and glory seekers), however they deal with the same amount of red tape that consumers do. For all you small business persons out there, how difficult would it be to run your business if someone else set your pay rate for services, then forced a mountain of paperwork on you, then didn't pay you for 60 to 90 days -- IF everything goes smooth? Just to get paid for an $100 office visit. Let's not even talk about the treat of being sued for negligence because your 95-year-old patient died.

As for government intervention, we have loads of that already. Most health insurance companies guidelines are set by stringent government regulation.

SERIOUSLY, do we want the same government that forces us to take of our shoes and throw away our bottled water at the airport to have free reign over our health care? Do we really want the same entities that build brand new roads that crack within three years to perform our surgeries? Do we want the same guys who managed the Katrina disaster to manage our health?

Let's let doctors worry about being doctors, instead of worrying about insurance & lawsuits and I'm sure the smiles will come back to their faces.

Pat_Homer commented on Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007 at 23:15 PM

This is a behemoth that we are going to have to face at some point. Here are a few thoughts:

I guess it's hard for regular middle-class people to understand why their doctor gets to drive around in cars that cost almost as much as the houses they live in--not to mention the doctors' houses.

I guess it's hard for Joe Regular to understand why the doctor always seems to be off when he needs an appointment.

Also, when doctors graduate from medical school, they have financial entities falling all over them to loan them low-interest money--rates that Joe Regular would never be offered.

Doctors have come a far cry from the days they were paid with a bushel of corn or a side of beef. And, rightly so.

Our medical care is the best in the world because of our doctors, but I worry that it will not always be this way for us regular Joes. Many of the world's wealthiest are already going out of the country to medical clinics staffed by American-trained doctors for their procedures. If the big money goes elsewhere, what will be left for us regular folks?

The other side of the coin:

Doctors do work long, grueling hours. Talk about stress! They are human; they make mistakes like the rest of us. But their mistakes carry higher consequences than most of our on-the-job mistakes. If I misplace a modifier, it doesn't carry the same consequence as misplacing a body part. I agree that they deserve higher pay for the risks they face every day. But how much?

I might interject that our emergency personnel, policemen, firemen and state troopers face risks that carry tremendous weight, but they are not paid on nearly the same scale. Or our teachers--a child's future depends on good teachers. But, then they are paid by the government, hmmm... do doctors really want their salaries set by the government?

Doctors face a lawsuit every time they treat a patient. Malpractice insurance has risen steeply because of the many lawsuits filed by greedy people (by these I mean suits with really no basis--not true negligence). Some people seem to forget that even if you win the judgment, you still have to pay the lawyers' fees.

Doctors' have to hire a tremendous number of people to staff their offices because of insurance claims. Every insurance is different; add to that Medicaid and Medicare headaches and other programs for aid--who could blame them for trying to limit the workload by refusing to accept certain programs? But what about the people who depend on these programs?

Some people say that doctors brought this on themselves by charging more than is reasonable and customary for routine procedures and doing unnecessary testing, and on and on to pad the bill for more money.

But we need to find a happy medium (a way for all citizens to receive good medical care and for doctors to make salaries that will entice the best and brightest to go into medicine) because if we don't, the government will step in--especially if Hillary makes it on the ballot.

I worked at a government hospital years ago, and I hear that conditions are better now, but I had rather have a choice than to be told that I have to go to Augusta for this procedure and Savannah for that procedure because that's where these procedures are performed. And, think about the conditions that were recently found at Walter Reed. Ask a veteran about government health care.

And doctors. Doctors could be told where they could practice and how much they would be paid. And I guess the health insurance people could be out of business completely. This is probably a worst-case scenario, but it could happen unless something is done. Is there no happy medium to be found?

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