"Rubble and Leaches"
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Vile is the pile of rubble that if allowed to sit upon ones heart, leaches toward ones soul! As destructive as a twister ripping through a trailer, this impetious ugliness can thwart any goodness; rendering discontentment, discourse and of course disillusionment until one knows not what is real and not real. Discernment in reality and unreality to events and situations is crucial to ones well being, both physically and spiritually. Through God' Word we learn what to dismiss.

Having misgivings and misunderstandings; having the upper hand, being under handed or being understanding? All these ae human traits each of us deals with. Each of us is a sinner and even though I am but a babe in Gods' word; a beginner, I recognize the prominence of each trait in myself and wish I was devoid of these nasty ways just as I wish all others were as well. But alas, it is not to be. We are all immersed in our own self gratitude our own bitterness, our own discord. Whether it be of our doing or the doing of another it seems each of us is almost always pulling these ugly leaches off of us or allowing them to embed themselves deeper and deeper until torn and tormented! So what's the difference? Why does one person pluck leaches while another lets them plunge and ravage?

How is it that one person can tear a home down while in the same instant the other is trying to build it? Why is one oblivious to the obvious while to another the obvious is clear? If satan comes into your house do you know it? Can you feel him? Can you sense his presence? When I say "come into your house" I am referring to your actual home AND your body, you mind, your heart, your being! What do you do about it if you know satan is there? Yes, I believe one should rebuke satan's presence and one way is to say, "In the name of Jesus get thee behind me satan." I've said this before but did it wrong. I did it in "hopes" it would work based on what I'd been told all my life by this person and that person and catching a 'lil' bit of a preachers sermon now and then. Did I believe? Suure I did; based on what 'lil' knowledge I'd haphazardly acquired over the years. However, my next question is did I apply this knowledge in a correct manner and from where did I get it from to be applying it in the first place. Well, I've just been upfront and honest as to how I applied my knowledge and how I acquired it. I've learned that I was going about things wrongly. I was treating my beliefs nonchalantly; as if my beliefs were there for my use when I chose them to be. Boy was I ever wrong!

Satan doesn't just come into ones house,(the home or the body). Satan is allowed in. I be that he is either dormant or actively participating in ones life. He is the leach that devours our life with Christ. Satan will feed us little by little or in large quantities what we choose to accept into our hearts and our lives. Vile and vicious he heaps our desires and our pain and our sorrow; higher and higher our rubble becomes. Heavier and heavier the rubble is and further and further the leaches burrow toward ones soul. What can be done to prevent satans malicious manifestation?

The neighbors behind you ride their four wheelers through your field even though you've asked that they don't should you; (a) throw a big rock at 'em the next time their within distance. (b) do nothing, the path of least resistance, or (c) Huff down to their house and act like a raving maniac? Answer? None of the above. No where in any of these answers was the mention of prayer. I don't mean pray that the rock hits 'em square in the head or that their four wheeler flips over causing them to break a leg or even worse! If I'm doing one of these things or thinking about all of them, who's in my house?! It sure isn't God. Hello! Its satan! And I don't mean while fuming all the way down to the neighbors that you pray they'll listen to logical reasoning. I mean, come on! Logical?! I'm talking about sincere prayer to God. Some daily or more, (more is better!)praising God, asking His forgiveness for my faults, praying for all of those that have requested or I just know need prayer and then just talking to God through His son Jesus about my difficulties that day. (Romans 5:1-2)""We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this gate." God knows your son or your daughter or whoever it is is messed up. God knows already what is best for each person. Pray to God and be active in a positive way for that person. And because He already knows, we can be confident His answer is best. Think about it. If He didn't know our needs what would be the point in praying. But He does and this should give us the confidence in prayer. And this applies even when God says no. The word "no" was a bad word to me when I was little but as I've become older and hopefully a 'lil' wiser I've come to know that the word"no" from God comes from His total love for me. He know me best.

In summation, if you feel satan is about in your life do something about it! Don't wait for the other person. Don't blame someone else. Don't expect this liar and deceiver to throw up his hands just because you "know" or heard about how to handle him. You can't handle him. I can't handle him. God can! Ones "free will" can be the freedom that God wants each to have through acceptance, belief and confession for His son Jesus Christ so that each can meet Him in Heaven on His day or ones "free will" can be to tie oneself to this world while the believers and followers of Jesus are passing through.

Pray for those you love. Pray for those you don't love. Pray for those who don't love you. But pray and be active in your pursuit of your own salvation so that your light shines for others to see. The brighter your light shines within you the easier it is to see the leaches and pluck them off before they can get to your heart.


In Christ,

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gawalkman commented on Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012 at 19:34 PM


Good blog.

Yes, we all might be tempted by the dark side. Yes, we all are sinners.

However, we have the ultimate weapon inside us. God is all knowing, all powerful, and perfect. We are created in his image. Do you think he followed his image too closely and implanted some of his greatness in us all? It might need to be nurtured in some, but it is there.

That little gift of greatness he left inside of us will allow us to triumph over all. All we have to do is let is shine from within.

Walkie believes if more people focused on the positive aspects of his greatness within us more often, there is nothing we could not accomplish as a species.

"The Power of Positive Thinking" by Dr. Peale - A good read.

Teapotter commented on Wednesday, Apr 25, 2012 at 13:35 PM

A very good book indeed Walkie! Yes, we all have greatness within us because afterall like we believe, we are created in His image. Like you said, we just need to turn on His light He has given us and share it with others.

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