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So how many of you stopped by your favorite county convenience store Sunday to pick up some beer?

I bet probably not a lot. I thought about it just to say I bought beer on the first Sunday I could in Bulloch, but I didn't. Store sales of beer and wine, I bet, won't see a significant rise. But for businesses like Locos, Manny's and Applebees, I think will see a nice bump in business - especially during football season - for those who enjoy a pitcher of beer and some wings while watching a game.

According to the story in the Herald Sunday, 105 of the 128 cities and counties in Georgia that put Sunday sales on the ballot passed the measure. Hundreds more are expected to put the question on their March ballot. A similar ratio to the November 8 results will occur in March, I believe. People see it as a personal choice that should not be part of the government's role.

Statesboro is expected to finalize its alcohol ordinance changes in the next week and you should be able to buy beer at Bi-Lo, Harvey's and Walmart, along with convenience stores in the city limits, by Sunday, December 11. And watch NFL games with your favorite beverage at your favorite restaurant, if you wish.

Voters in Portal and Brooklet, each by seven votes, chose not to allow Sunday sales in their towns. A choice they made that only hurts the IGA stores in each town, along with the convenience stores, who only will lose business to stores on the edge of each town.

But that's what the few people who came out to vote decided.

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hungryman commented on Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011 at 12:15 PM

Yeah, I read the headlines about being able to buy at convenience stores last Sunday but had enough beer / wine to carry me through the weekend. Heard that at least one grocery store had the lights on above the beer though on Sunday. They usually have that area covered with some kind of cloth on Sunday as well as no lights so didn't know what happened there.

gawalkman commented on Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011 at 21:41 PM

I wonder how many people knew it could be purchased in the county this past Sunday? I didn't until Monday morning.

I wonder what sales will be like on the big Sunday, Superbowl Sunday?

Christmas is on a Sunday this year. I wonder what it will be like for that day - at least for the stores that are open.

What about Easter Sunday? Mother's Day?

It's way, way too early to tell the impact of what was decided on Nov. 8th.
Give us one year to determine the impact; and then let's talk again.

y2kpastor commented on Sunday, Dec 04, 2011 at 10:17 AM

ga,y2k; it is interesting that you remind us that Christmas is on a Sunday this year. I recall a similar Sunday in 1954 when I was 17 years old. I went to church as was my custom but on that particular Sunday which indeed was on Christmas, I was convicted by a sermon by the pastor telling us to "Clean yourself up from the filthiness of the flesh".

Tearfully I went up to the altar and "gave my heart to the Lord". When I returned home, I was so exited I told everyone in no uncertain terms, "I got saved today".

A couple hours later my best friend came by. He brought a bottle of Colt '45' malt liquor to celebrate the holiday, and shared it with me.

All of a sudden he looked me straight in the eyes and said to me; "I thought you said you got saved today". I said; I did! Then to my surprise he said; Then why are you drinking this beer?

The moral of this confession is to let everyone know that there are natural and social laws, but there are also Spiritual and Divine Laws which govern our life and our actions. Social laws are temporal and may be changed by the casting of a single vote; but Divine Laws are eternal and may not be broken nor ignored.

Yes that was my personal experience, and you are not bound by it. Nevertheless there is an order of justice that supersedes the laws of mankind. And one day all will be revealed.

In one year.....? The shot was fired "yesterday".

Mystery commented on Monday, Dec 05, 2011 at 14:59 PM

taking a drink is not a sin. Getting drunk is. Know the difference.

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