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The eye of the beholder

Ugly is the norm.This country was founded by ugly people,have you ever took a good look at george washington or ben framklin or abraham lincoln,what a sight.How about these days secretary of state hilary clinton or former first lady barrera bush or former surgerion general janet reno,now that woman would give warthogs dry heve.Anyway i was walking in the park and saw this woman crying.I ask her what was wrong?she said she felt that she ...

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Last updated 2 days, 22 hours ago.
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Last comment by mandrake 2 days ago
GSU's Uniform Change

I went to the Idaho and saw the change to GSU's uniforms. The Iconic look of GSU's uniforms is something that should not fall victim to the "Who can come up with the flashiest uniform craze" that many teams are now going to. These teams have lost their identity. GSU's uniforms are Alabama in blue. Would Alabama change their uniforms? If they did, would you be able to identify them? Nip this mistake now. Do ...

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Last updated 1 week, 1 day ago.
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Last comment by Regional 5 days, 22 hours ago
Final Casting Call

The Community Theatrical Project of Evans County, Georgia, cordially invites you to participate in a regional casting call for an upcoming gospel play. We service the Coastal Empire. You do not have to live in Evans County to participate in this production. We are looking for permanent cast and crew members that will continue this journey with us as we grow.

If you are a self-starter, highly motivated and talented individual that ...

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Last updated 2 weeks, 1 day ago.
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Ebola! Act Now!

OK, in our politically correct society it has become almost completely impossible to fix the blame on anyone for anything.

It seems that everything that is done that has negative consequences is 'accidental,' no matter how many people die or are seriously injured because of someone else's actions or inactions.

Take for instance the guy who carried an Ebola patient to the hospital in Africa where she promptly died, ...

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Last updated 2 weeks, 1 day ago.
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Last comment by Bryant 1 week, 5 days ago
Wisdom from The Funny Pages

The venerable comic strip Pogo once made the telling observation that "We have met the enemy ,and it is us." No truer words have been spoken. So now after the turn of a new century, we are faced with a stagnant economy and a declining standard of living, the result of domestic policies that do not work and will never work. We are saddled with empire without the psychic benefits of empire. Our schools are ...

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Last updated 2 weeks, 2 days ago.
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Last comment by Passinthru 2 weeks, 1 day ago

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