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Free Speech...or no speech at all

I’m sure everyone is aware that referencing God in a speech can be a dicey thing these days, especially if you are a graduating senior delivering a Valedictorian or Salutatorian speech.

Well, for Salutatorian Brooks Hamby, the Brawley Union High School District in Brawley, California made it very clear to him that God had no place in his speech.

Speaking as their legal representatives, the San Diego law firm ...

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Last comment by theflyonthewall 1 week ago
ISIS finds weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Islamist Terrorist Group ISIS Finds Nuclear Material In Iraq!

Yes, ISIS the worst Islamic Terrorist group has found the weapons of mass destruction that we have been told do not exist in Iraq. The London Times has just reported today, July 11, 2014 that ISIS has found nuclear material that a dirty nuclear bomb can be made from, at a University in the city of Mosul, Iraq. The UN reported that the ...

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Last comment by theflyonthewall 1 week, 2 days ago
Israel and Palestine: Stop Fighting, Please!

The situation in the Middle East is unraveling quickly, since two separate killings. First, there were the murders of the three Israeli youths (one of whom had American citizenship) who were kidnapped as they were hitch-hiking back to their homes in the communities of the West Bank.

Hamas fighters are accused of kidnapping, and then executing, the three teenagers with a silenced pistols, the traditional assassin’s weapon, once their apparent ...

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Last comment by theflyonthewall 21 hours, 24 minutes ago
Any way you slice it


It doesn't matter which way you slice it but anyone who leaves a kid in a hot car - has very serious mental issues. It goes for leaving pets in a hot vehicle too.

There is no excuse whatsoever. You cannot defend such actions.

Seek help while you still can.

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Last comment by gawalkman 1 week, 4 days ago
The Situation in Iraq..on the Ground and Air

For those not keeping track, the military situation in Iraq has gotten very curious indeed on several fronts. Iraqi forces are attempting to retake Tikrit, and are having some success but also are meeting incredibly stiff resistance from ISIS fighters.

Guess what? Planes which were flown out of Iraq into Iran to escape the American invasion, which include French Mirage fighters and Sukhoi ground support aircraft, have begun to make their way ...

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