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Guns Made America

The lord love the NRA he told me so the other day he spell out in Bullet in the sky, he sit up in Heaven with his ak47. He a ruff and ready Macho kind of God.Ours annestors who clear out the Nation to make room for American, Im grateful we won this land with a Gun. if they were American we would,t call them Indian. Bullet againts Arrow what were they thinking.

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Peeping Toms

Their a Serous problem in statesboro.Their at restroom,dorms,hotel any fast food place.We have a right to Privacy.They want to take all our right away,went does it End.

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MAGA - My Attorney Got Arrested

President Trump's reaction to the execution of a search warrant on his personal attorney is a disgrace. These are professional law enforcement personnel; sworn to the same oath of office as Trump himself.

To characterize is as "a break in" is an insult to the FBI and the Constitution!

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Last comment by Bryant 5 days, 20 hours ago
Facebook Crucifixion

Watching Zuckerberg (Z) pilloried by Senators is the height of hypocrisy. He is a capitalist entrepreneur who has been successful. His success has been praised by the very people dragging him through multiple mea culpas for executing his business plan.

And every piece of data has been voluntarily provided by subscribers.

Data mining has existed in different forms for years. How do you think whichever party is in power ...

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Last comment by Ironside 3 days, 22 hours ago
Blogger Get No Respect

A blog is hard to write.You got to know what you are doing.A lot of thinking is involve.It A job.I try to tell lady at the unemployment office.I went down their,and all i hear was next.Occupation: BLOGGER.What!BLOGGER.Like a philosopher.I coalesce the vapor of human experience,into a viable and logical comprehension.Oh! a Bullsh*t artist.Did you bullsh*t last week? No.Did you try to bullsh*t? Yes.Look either you try to bullsh*t next week or were going to change ...

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