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Last comment by dirtroadlady 12 hours, 58 minutes ago
2015 Santa's Toy Run

The weather was absolutely perfect for the 2015 Santa's Toy Run! I am proud to say another successful run is under our belts. A lot of planning goes into the Toy Run and we could not make this happen without our supporters and most of all those that come and participate in the event.

Hope you enjoy a few photos that have been posted in the gallery.

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2016 Election

Here's a link to a good article outlining issues and numerous other links for background. (Trying to move away from the issue de jour.)

Pay close attention to the incarceration rates since 1980 (you can thank Ronnie and "Just Say No) and give Governor Deal and our legislators a big thumbs up for their recent moves to reduce non-violent incarceration and treat rather than imprison many people arrested for drug related offenses. ...

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House of Representatives

Once again, the House of Representatives has acted quickly and decisively to address a problem that doesn't exist. Americans can rest easy now that those nasty Syrian and Iraqi refugees are destined to wait even longer than the two years or so they wait now to emigrate to the US, if the legislation passed by the House survives the President's desk.

Sadly, it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. It ignores ...

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"Sharing the stars"

"To wish upon afar a falling star
is to desire that which is far too distant
and become only a burning ember.

I'd much rather wish upon what I hold close,
whom holds true to me within fathoms deep
that shares with me the twinkling of each star."

Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

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