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The Trump Rebirth of America

The Trump Rebirth of America

What will Trump bring to America? He will bring the Founding Principles back to millions of Americans who have not in their lifetime been allowed to experience them. He will restore their birthright of Freedom and their right to participate in their own prosperity, free from government.

Our Founding Fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution to secure three Principles, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, ...

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What the World Needs Now

Do you remember the old song? Some of you were around and many of you probably weren't. The end of that line was "is Love sweet Love".
This past election was a rough one. One of the roughest I've ever seen in my lifetime. Some of you may know I was not a fan of any of the candidates. It was a very hard decision this time around. I've watched government become more and ...

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The Social Media Effect

When I started to write this, I accidentally typed "Social MEdia". I probably could have left the typo in place because it speaks to what I want to share.

Growing up, we didn't have social media. Those words would have been foreign to us. We didn't even have computers. I remember when my brother got one of the first Atari games that plugged into your tv. We played outside a lot and ...

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Fine Dinning

What is Fine Dining? Is a exclusive restaurant were the rich people eat and drink.So is it wine,food or clientele that attract these people. Maybe it the wine they serve, it has those fancy name Cabernet sauvigon or Merlot.I try it,not impresse ,maybe it the food,yeah that it,let look at the menu.They have (chicken ala pasta) defrosted chicken nuggets sitting on a bed of Luke warm pasta with ketchup sauce or (Hamburger Italy) two all ...

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"A Doey Night"

"A Doey Night"

"Rudolph got lost one wintery day
Yep! Lost he was from Santa's sleigh!
Rudolph had spotted a cute 'lil' doe
and of course it was off to catch her he had to go!

His ears peeled back and nose in the air
with n'er a hoof print in the snow.
Rudolph's red nose was beam'n bright
as he searched; lost ...

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