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Obama has been a good President.

My sister sent me a Facebook posting showing a newspaper story on the latest unemployment figures. She was praising Obama for being one of our best Presidents in history. I sent her the following post.

• He has done a great job as President educating the American people on what happens in a Socialist State. Now that the American people have experienced it first hand, they are rejecting it. Obama has been ...

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A Very touching Christmas poem i found

I found this after listening to a Christmas concert during which time this was read by the narrator...he said the following poem was written by a 13 year old boy named Ben. He died of a brain tumor that he had battled with for over four years. He lost the fight on December 14 1997 and gave this poem to his mum before he died.....

I see the countless Christmas ...

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Teapotter's Elf'n Christmas

In the wee hours of Christmas; all through the house
is a mess beyond belief I could really do without.
I find the cat in'a box lay'n out in the hall
and the puppy's left his "present" for me.

In the liv'n room amidst strewn ribbons 'n' bows
is his morn'n the middle of it all!!!!

"Oh my Lord!" I exclaim exhasperated.
"Give ...

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OK! Now we're talkng!

The truth is, almost every society in the world is "Racist."

what amazes me is people have such subjective and limited eyesight...they only get upset about racism when it suits them...i mean come on folks...if you want to complain about racism lets look at it a larger perspective than michael brown or eric garners deaths...

Lets face it: around the world whites are treated differently than blacks....and ...

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Obama wants to control the internet!

Obama wants to control the internet.

The Internet is both good and bad for America. The good news is the tremendous instant information available to all of us. But, as my history teacher told us, “know your sources and what they are up to.” My high school days, 1963-1967, were the height of the Cold War with the Soviet( Russian) Socialist Communists who were masters at lying, deceiving, and twisting the truth ...

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