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State Rep Attacks Declaration of Independence

State Rep attacks Declaration of Independence

State Rep. Barbara Norton (D) lead the charge against HB1035, a measure that would require local school boards of education to have students in grades four to six recite specific section of the Declaration of Independence after the current daily period of silent prayer or meditation and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. The Bill introduced by State Rep Valarie Hodges ( R) would require ...

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Health clinic and Rest home

I had to lose some weight.Carrying all this weight was wearing me out.So I had to try out this Health clinic.Rest your care alway what ever you'll got,you'll lose it.I don't believe that,they just trying to make money.I try it anyway.The trainer said you know our program is expensive.who care about expensive.Splendid,Splendid.The first thing we dicuss is your diet.We start by cutting out starches,sugar,protein and carbohyodrates.What do i eat? Vitamin and calorie.your daily work out ...

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Constitution verses Political Correctness

The Constitution verses PC Opinion

I posted on a blog a few days ago, that the 14th Amendment bared felons from voting. One of the responses to my blog stated the following, “ You are, apparently, the only person in the country that thinks that the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution forbids States from allowing criminals to vote. At least I can find no one else making this argument”. This response ...

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Bullying - a Response to the Article

Today's paper had an article in it about bullying in schools. I read the entire thing as my daughter suffered at the hand of bullies for two years in high school. When I look back on that time I can still see the hurt in her face and the pain in her heart, and she has never forgotten it. To this day, she is very aware of bullying and has no tolerance for it. She ...

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Voting Rights for Virginia Felons

Well, the governor of Virginia has restored voting rights for felons who have served their sentences and been released. Immediately, and as expected, right wing pundits decry this as a Democratic ploy to get more votes for Hillary. Who are they kidding? Folks, let's face reality. They're felons, certainly not all for violent crimes but felons none the less. How many do you really think are going to rush right out and register to vote? ...

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