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BOE Diversity Plan

BOE Diversity Plan

The "Blind Hiring Process" used by the BOE is the fairest way to hire the best qualified teachers. The BOE uses a Blind Process that deals only with the applicant’s qualifications. Race, nationality, or any other identity language is stripped from the application to insure the applicant receives a fair review. This process zeros in on the person’s qualifications and allows the best qualified to be hired to teach ...

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Education and Diversity

After reading the article in Sundays paper on the BOE's debate over diversity, I felt the need to step out into an uncomfortable discussion. Everyone walks around this issue like they're walking on eggshells. I'm going to stick my neck out today and share my experiences and factual findings with you all. Before I begin, I want to state that many of you know I am very involved in our local and state education system. ...

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"If I come upon you would you be ready for the likes of me?
Would you welcome in, me with wings meant to be free
to flutter all about and fly away from your eyes from time to time?

Whispers I hear brought to me from wandering winds, probable illusions
continually capture me to flutter and fly away in my mind
in search of sunken ships within the ...

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Just Take Another Medication!

Today I read an article in the Herald titled "Cholesterol drug cuts heart risks". Granted there are times in our lives when we must absolutely use a medication. And there are situations where a medication may be necessary long term for a patient. However, the use (or abuse) of prescription drugs is something we all ought to be paying more attention to in this country.

The article shared information on a new ...

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We're All Somebody

"Do you ever wonder where all the 'nobody's' are that aren't 'somebody? Do you ask yourself, "How are the 'nobody's' I don't know because they aren't ...'somebody?'
We're all 'somebody' and part of a body; the body of Christ. Jesus associated himself with and talked with the lowest of low to hear their words, never underestimating the value of a person."

Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

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