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The Ukraine. Is there a solution?

All the news these days is about the Malaysian plane which was shot down over rebel held territory in the Ukraine, and how Russia is interfering in internal Ukrainian affairs.

Let me state very clearly there is NO excuse for what happened to the Malaysian civilian airliner. Period. Whether or not the shooting down was accidental or on-purpose doesn’t matter. It was wrong.

This article is about how many ...

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Last comment by Bryant 4 hours, 3 minutes ago
Disturbance at Red Lobster

It was a protest,i was just excercise my right to civil disobedience.I was telling the female officer,i was just letting the lobsters go free,instead of being stuck in that tank.The officer said that was causeing a disturbance.How would you like to be lower in a cage,drop in boiling water and then drench in butter and layout in a display case.The officer said your place or my.Ha im a animal actives,if i would have rescured a ...

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Last comment by Regional 2 days, 23 hours ago
LA Times is wrong

Kansas over the top on gun rights protection.

The Los Angeles Times editorial, in Wednesday’s, July 16 newspaper, taking issue with the use of the 10th Amendment of our Constitution to protect 2nd Amendment gun rights, is a classic Leftist argument that is false.

The Los Angeles Times stated “The idea is that states have a right under the 10th Amendment to unilaterally reject federal laws on issues not ...

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Last comment by Regional 3 days, 7 hours ago
Obama the Uber-President?

“President Obama has created an imperial presidency that would have made Richard Nixon blush.” So says former Obama supporter, George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley.

He also said that “I supported Barack Obama...I thought he was going to be a refreshing change after George Bush” and that “he not only adopted many of President Bush’s policies…he outdid him.”

We all know President Barack Obama has his detractors, ...

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Last comment by Regional 3 days, 7 hours ago
Gaza and the Palestinians...Who are they?

So, historically speaking, what IS Gaza? For starters, according to the ancient Tanach, or the Hebrew Bible, it was a Philistine city.

The city of Gaza lay on a hill near the southern border of Israel between the cities of Raphia and Ascalon. It has been the site of a great many battles throughout history.

At first held by a Persian garrison, the city was captured by Alexander the ...

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