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Trumped Out?

The presidential race has been an intriguing one up to this point. While the established parties have been taking their best shots at one another in entertaining fashion, a low rumble in the distance can be heard behind the hate found in social media...

The campaign for The White House started to get interesting with the absurd notion that the most traditional/conservative party in our country's history could be represented by a ...

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A Biased Press

A Biased Press

We are now told by the Press that the Trump Campaign is in disarray, that leading Republicans are openly criticizing Trump and some are saying they now support Hillary because Trump does not have the temperament to be President. The Press has been reporting negative stories about Trump every day now sense the end of the DNC Convention.

The Press is part of the political ...

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Michelle not Hillary to be first female President

Michelle not Hillary to be the First Female President

Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democrat National Convention marked the beginning of her run to be the first female President. Her husband, President Obama is not going to allow Hillary Clinton to become the first female President, because that title is being reserved for Michelle. President Obama is putting on a show of support for Hillary, so her supporters think he tried to ...

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a Black Panther run movement. The Black Panthers are a radical force organized and funded by the Nation of Islam currently run by Louis Farrakhan. The Black Panthers have been trying to over throw our government and set up a Communist Islamic State sense the 1960’s. The Black Panthers attacked and murdered police officers in the 1960’s and coined the phrase “PIGS” to describe the police. The Black Panthers were designated ...

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A Pit of Despair

Haven't written a short story in a while. It was time so here goes:

Andy’s life seemed perfect. After so much heartache, he finally felt as if God was on his side and life was good. His beautiful wife Ari had come into his life and filled his heart, and his son Logan was the light of his heart. Andy still struggled to hold a decent job but he was determined to ...

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