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Ferguson: The Facts

At first glance, and if you believed what the parents and friend of the young man who was shot and killed said of the incident and their son, this young black man had been gunned down execution style, shot in the back as he walked away from the police officer with his hands up.

The largely black community of ferguson, a suburb outside of saint louis missouri was rightly upset. No one ...

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Bingo Nightmare

Why is it bingo alway played in the worst neighgorhood and always in some church.Anyway i needed some money,so i found out they were haven,t a bingo game in altanta.So i went,i did good,i won 500 dollars,the game was over i was waiting for my ride,but my ride didn't come it was almost 11:00 the cleaning lady come in,look kind of homely looking,said get out i got to lock up.i though this was a sanctuary.yea ...

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Emma Kelly

As I am typing these words, I am listening to a CD containing music from the lady of 6000 songs.

Do you have a favorite song you would like to mention? I must say two of mine are "Pardon my southern accent, pardon my southern drawl,..." and the timeless classic "Cry me a river."

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GSU vs. Georgia Tech football game

Paul Johnson talked about his team and what they would be doing this year in today's paper. Under the title of Five things to watch for when the Yellow Jackets open their season was this: Johnson experimented with the shotgun, including a diamond formation, with his quarterback last season. Johnson said it will be back to basics with his quarterback "under the center". He said he is determined his offense again will be efficient in ...

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ISIS on the march is history repeating itself,

ISIS on the march, is history repeating itself.

The history of Islam is what we are witnessing ISIS doing in Iraq. From it’s beginning, Islam has been a very violent religion. Muhammad leads his followers on raids of caravans traveling in the desert beginning in the year 622. He gains more followers and wealth from these raids. He then turns his army of murderers, thieves, thugs, and all the other moral degenerates ...

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