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"When cookies crumble"

"The 'lil' boy ran inside, leaving his friends after hearing his father call out to him. When he returned he had a cookie in his hand. Now ALL his friends wanted the cookie too. Instinctively his hand wrapped tightly around the cookie until it crumbled into nothing. He and his friends were left 'empty handed'.
How often we hold onto something or even someone too tight and for too long a time that life's ...

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"Souring Grapes"

"How many I wonder are in a world all alone
unperfected and in the past often neglected.
Opened wine left without ever being poured.
Just beyond the cellar's door

and beyond the sun-drenched grapes
is mayhem, drunk with delusions.
Vineyards close, bring wine a'plenty
that taint the taste of always, one too many

with falseness calculated and deliberate.
Are we to remain ...

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"Teapotter's Quips and Quotes"

"If I were to release you, surely you would fly to not return
and leave me captured and alone without wings to follow."
Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

"Bend my ears in sharing your thoughts. Break my heart by not having the time."
Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

"The ultimate 'great reveal' will be Jesus' return!"
Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

"All the ABC's of ...

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wikipedia says what?

the dirt road part is spot on as the brits say, but the 64% northeastern county inbred data? where the %@#& does one obtain such info!?
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bulloch County, Georgia
Bulloch county courthouse statesboro georgia 2005.jpg
Bulloch County Courthouse in Statesboro
Seal of Bulloch County, Georgia
Map of Georgia highlighting Bulloch County
Location in the state of Georgia
Map of the ...

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Tips for wives on Valentine Day

Helpful tips for wives on Valentine and their relationship along the way.Tip 1 were traditional islamic grab covering all but the eyes Tip 2 were ski mask Tip 3 sow up holes in ski mask Tip 4 Hire attractive women to stand in front of you at all time Tip 5 put paper bag over ski mask
Tip 6 For those wives that show no sign of women hood,should shave (This side up)on the ...

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