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To or not to do - what

I watched the Sunday morning news shows (NBC and CBS) and listened to supposedly qualified pundits – experts, knowledgeable people, or whatever term you prefer – discourse on what we should do about ISIS and the Ukraine. Not once did I hear anyone dare raise the issue of whether we should do anything or not! That these are issues of national security is apparently beyond question.

We interfered in Iran in the ...

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Education - Are You Paying Attention?

I haven't posted in a while, but a lot has been on my mind lately. Some of you know that I advocate for quality education locally and at the state level. I have been more and more disturbed by what is going on in both arenas.
Locally, we are blessed to have many teachers of excellence. My concern is this: How long will they stay here when they are being treated like people without ...

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Map Story Of Ukraine Conflict

why all the fighting in the ukraine....from what started as an internal disagreement turned into a total breakdown of rule and order....

this obvious loss of control over the far away eastern region, long ignored by kiev politicians and feeling very upset about conditions in their cities...

these feelings gave rise to the nascent prorussian proclivities of many of eastern ukrainian, russians from across the border in rostov-on-don ...

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Personal Care Issues - Get Over Embarassment

This isn't the way you want to see your mother/father/spouse. You never expected that you would be the one who has to help your incapacitated mother take a shower or help your dad put on his underwear. What do you know about buying disposable underwear and bed pads? How do you learn how to make a house safer for a person who is losing their vision or who is in danger of falling? Many family ...

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Nunn vs. Perdue

David Perdue vs. Michelle Nunn Debate

The candidates held their first debate laying out their positions for this November’s election. Michelle Nunn portrayed David Purdue as obstructionist who would continue gridlock in Washington. David Perdue stated “If you like what’s going on in Washington, than vote for my opponent. She knows she will be nothing more than a proxy for (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid and President Barack Obama and nothing will ...

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