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Tips for wives on Valentine Day

Helpful tips for wives on Valentine and their relationship along the way.Tip 1 were traditional islamic grab covering all but the eyes Tip 2 were ski mask Tip 3 sow up holes in ski mask Tip 4 Hire attractive women to stand in front of you at all time Tip 5 put paper bag over ski mask
Tip 6 For those wives that show no sign of women hood,should shave (This side up)on the ...

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Obama Visits Mosque

So, Obama goes to a Mosque in Baltimore to talk about tolerance for Muslims. He says nothing about how women are treated at this Mosque. He said nothing about how Muslims and Islam is treating Christians around the world. President Obama called for moral clarity by saying “the best way for us to fight terrorism is to deny these terrorist organizations legitimacy and to show that here in the United States we do not suppress ...

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Last comment by Ironside 13 hours ago
Sauce for the goose?

Reading Jack's "Notes From the Senate" (which I highly recommend for everyone) for the past week and found an interesting proposed law passed by the Senate.

SB 282- Prohibits financial institutions from refusing to provide credit or services to lawful vendors of firearms and ammunition. (Banking and Financial Institutions Committee)

So, the Legislature, or some portion thereof, wants businesses to be able to refuse services to gay couples so ...

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"Pouring Moments"

"The moments few and rushed in life
with always an anticipated end
as sparklin' eyes quickly speak ; both hearts held.

Hearts held captive beyond any reason
entwined in a song's melody yet to be sung
within the embrace of one so close.

Tongues unable to voice simply wag about in trivialities
while each is set a'shore as two ships in no hope

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"Sweeping Memories(Choices 1)

As she finishes sweeping the dulled wooden floor
She reminisces of a time now past.
The days light hangs on ceilings, cobwebs and cracks-
As she wonders, how'd life past by so fast.

Shrugging, she takes her broom, embraces it for a dance,
Twirls around the floor, they never got the chance
A lost but not forgotten love, a passionate romance.
She feels the pain of ...

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