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As yet another US ally's president is deposed (resigns) by insurgents, laments grow anew of the failed policy of Obama in the Middle East. Guess what? It's not his fault (and it's not Bush's fault either}. Here are two sites for a quick review of Yemeni politics and US efforts to monitors terrorist cells.

Or, you can watch "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen".

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New to Statesboro

Hello Everyone!

New to Statesboro! just moved from the West Coast.

I am looking forward to blogging here!


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Farewell to an excellent sports writer.

Farewell to an excellent sports writer.

I will miss Matt Yogus and his sports column in the paper. Matt is an excellent writer that provides honest insight into each of his columns. I have enjoyed reading him and will miss his love for Georgia Southern Football, Baseball, Basketball, and our local high school programs.

Good luck Matt. I know you will do well in your next job because you ...

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Hopeless Homeless

It hard out here for the homeless, no money, no job.People don't care anymore. I went looking for work, I even had a sign it said (must have a job will do anything, position as bridge instructor preferred) I didn't get one response. So I started getting hungry. So I had another sign.It said (im starving must have work) maybe this will work.Finally got a response. This man walk up to me and said my ...

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The World Seems To Be Going Nuts!

Whatever you read, whatever you hear, and whatever you see on the public media menagerie these days is almost guaranteed to leave you shaking your head.....

There are, at least for me, several reasons why I am shaking my head.......first of all, disbelief that people around the world, from the most "backwards" cultures to the most "sophisticated" cultures, are all acting like animals...

mind you, we ARE animals, although ...

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Last comment by Bryant 1 week, 5 days ago

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