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Scotland:Yes or No?

Honestly, a year ago no one was thinking of anything like what may not happen even being a remote possibility....

that is, Scotland pulling away from Great Britain and setting out for its independence...the vote is on September 18th...

Scottish National Party First Minister Alex Salmond, from what I have seen and read and a veteran politician who twists everything that is said in an effort to find ...

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Ukraine: Maybe All Is Not Lost

Its nice to see that everything in world politics is not going to (pardon my French) "hell in a hand-basket" has often appeared to be the case.....

in the Ukraine at least, where more work remains to be done than may seem possible to accomplish, there is a new feeling of hope....

I can just thank God that despite all of the idiot politicians in our country making all ...

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A Black Hercules

What next a black superman.New movie Hercules starring the Rock, I always though Hercules was Greek.Now the media trying to make more black hero.It use to be, the black guy always die at the end movie , Jim Brown in the dirty dozens, Lawrence fishburn in apocalypse now, bubba in Forest Gump, any blackman in star trek, they go in test waters and they get kill, and white guys go home to their family. I ...

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Last comment by dirtroadlady 20 hours, 35 minutes ago
And to think...

The sports season is still young and anything can happen later on.

However, knowing there are some people around here that think the move to the Sun Belt Conference and the FBS was a bad decision...leaves Walkie speechless.

I'm just not talking football. The other GSU sports teams are doing awesome!

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Last updated 3 days, 12 hours ago.
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OK, How Screwed Up Is This...

let see...i'm sure not everyones gonna love this but who cares...

we have an nfl player of some ability whos making a kazillion dollars a year is shown in a video knocking his wife out in a hotel elevator...

and despite his apparent belief that she deserved it and or was responsible for him doing it is finally essentially kicked out of the nfl...

meanwhile a ...

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Last comment by dirtroadlady 3 days, 13 hours ago

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