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Hillary is still lying about her e-mails

Hillary is lying about her classified e-mails!

Unless you have had the responsibility of working with classified information and documents, it is hard to understand what is being said about Hillary's classified e-mails. All the lies that Hillary has been saying about it can be confusing. Anyone serving in the military who handles classified material has to be trained in the proper way it is to be secured at all times, including ...

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This is an article shown on WTOC-tv

If anyone has any phone video of this type of event, be brave enough to step up to the plate and post it on social media

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Hillary: Trump and the KKK

Hillary and the Democrat Party own the KKK. The KKK was organized and run,and still is,by Democrats, to in force segregation laws against Blacks.Democrats have used the KKK to terrorize Blacks for over a hundred years. Shame on you Hillary, you and your Democrat Party own the KKK.

Trump is trying to free Blacks from the racist Democrat Party who's policies have destroyed Black families and communities for years.

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Trumped Out?

The presidential race has been an intriguing one up to this point. While the established parties have been taking their best shots at one another in entertaining fashion, a low rumble in the distance can be heard behind the hate found in social media...

The campaign for The White House started to get interesting with the absurd notion that the most traditional/conservative party in our country's history could be represented by a ...

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A Biased Press

A Biased Press

We are now told by the Press that the Trump Campaign is in disarray, that leading Republicans are openly criticizing Trump and some are saying they now support Hillary because Trump does not have the temperament to be President. The Press has been reporting negative stories about Trump every day now sense the end of the DNC Convention.

The Press is part of the political ...

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