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Voting Rights for Virginia Felons

Well, the governor of Virginia has restored voting rights for felons who have served their sentences and been released. Immediately, and as expected, right wing pundits decry this as a Democratic ploy to get more votes for Hillary. Who are they kidding? Folks, let's face reality. They're felons, certainly not all for violent crimes but felons none the less. How many do you really think are going to rush right out and register to vote? ...

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Last comment by Ironside 18 hours, 11 minutes ago
Blogger get no respect

A blog is hard to write.You got to know what you are doing.A lot of thinking is involve.It A job.I try to tell lady at the unemployment office.I went down their,and all i hear was next.Occupation: BLOGGER.What!BLOGGER.Like a philosopher.I coalesce the vapor of human experience,into a viable and logical comprehension.Oh! a Bullsh*t artist.Did you bullsh*t last week? No.Did you try to bullsh*t? Yes.Look either you try to bullsh*t next week or were going to change ...

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2 questions

Are they going to paint the proposed arches for the redevelopment of south main street blue and gold? and long before some university student is swinging from them?

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Lewandowski charges dropped!

Palm Beach County Florida has dropped the charges against Lewandowski. What a surprise considering all the folks that had tried and convicted him. The most Liberal Left Wing County in Florida, dropped the charges. A great day for America.

This was another close call where the Left Wing Liberal Mob did not win, justice and the law won. If we don't change what is going on in Washington, the day will come ...

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Last comment by Scindapsus 2 weeks ago
Life's Flowing Waters

"Life's Flowing Waters"
"She is the waterfall come upon, clear and descending in her fluid quietness within my depths after raging rapids ravaged to toss my lostness against rocks cutting rigidness to become this; a havened pool to swirl about in complete contentment below her to trickle past loosely rooted river moss grasping river banks edge toward yet the next raging rapid and the next quiet waterfall."

Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

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