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Donate Wisely

I recently received a solicitation for the "2018 Statesboro Area Appeal" "The Hospice Support Fund". As a fan and supporter of our local hospice, I read the appeal closely.

First I will congratulate the parent organization, The New Hope Foundation, for the honesty of their appeal. While slightly misleading by intimating local hospice organizations will be the beneficiaries, the reverse of their solicitation contains relevant data on expenditures. Of the money they ...

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Nothing changes, yet

I originally posted this February 13, 2017. Today, February 18, 2018, nothing has changed. Our Senators remain tongue tied and Mr. Allen crows about actions which will increase our already crushing debt and endanger the health of rural Georgians. Our President remains a liar, concerned more with the failure of all to properly worship his greatness than the welfare of our country. Sad! (Satire font enabled.)

“The following was sent to both ...

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Financial quid pro quo?

The following is from International Business Times ( If you believe Trump is looking out for the masses I encourage you to read this. Deutsch Bank was one of many players in the financial meltdown in 2008. And all you folks who complained why no one went to jail or was fined a ton of money, where is your outrage now. (And I am not excusing Obama for his waiver. He simply did not have ...

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Last comment by Ironside 3 weeks ago
The Trump Tax Cut

The Trump Tax Cut

Congress has passed the Trump Tax Cut and companies are already announcing year end bonuses, pay raises, promotions and other benefits to their employees. The Private Sector businesses no longer need the politicians and government to survive. The days of buying politicians to write special benefits and tax deductions into the tax code to gain an unfair advantage, are gone.

Companies will now have a ...

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Last comment by Bryant 1 month, 2 weeks ago

"Laughing hides his hidden pain as he sips his coffee and wonders why he has yet to go insane. His hat is pulled down, not to hide a frown but to conceal the "real" of his life being lost at a heavy cost. He languishes under the uncertainties; anguishes within the arduous arcade set to give way; its columns crumbling under the weight of reality as he tears off just enough toilet paper, stuffs it ...

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